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Please explore the newest resource in Princeton Public Library’s ever-expanding eLibraryAxis360 eBooks. Axis360 offers full-color, full-layout eBooks for computers, laptops, eBook readers, tablets, and smartphones. Our growing collection includes fiction and non-fiction for adults, children, and teens.

Axis360 eBooks are available in ePub, PDF, and Blio formats. You have probably heard of the first two formats, but not Blio. Blio is a free e-reading app that I highly recommend downloading if you want to get the most out of Axis360.

Just like eLibraryNJ you can check out a maximum of five eBooks at a time for up to 14 days. There are no overdue fees and books are automatically returned to the library at the end of the lending period.

Axis360 is currently compatible with:
* All Microsoft devices
* All Apple mobile devices (iPod, iPad, iPhone), but not Mac computers
* All Android devices (tablets and phones)
* Kindle Fire (but not other Kindles such as the Paperwhite)
* Nook, Color Nook, Sony or Kobo eReaders
* Ultrabooks.

Here are the basics on checking out eBooks with Axis360:

First, to get the free e-reader application Blio go to the Axis360 “Magic Wall” and click on the “App Zone” tab near the top of the page.

In the Blio section of the App Zone, click on appropriate application for your personal device to download Blio.

Once Blio has downloaded, you will need to open it and create an account. Click on “Create an Account” and type your email address and a password twice. Blio passwords must be:
• Between 8 to 30 characters
• Include at least one number
• Include at least one upper case letter
• Include at least one lower case letter

Now that you have Blio on your device go back to our Magic Wall and click on “Login” in the upper right corner. Enter your library card number (no spaces) and click the Login button. You are now logged in and ready to browse and check out eBooks!

As with any new resource there is a learning curve with Axis360 and Blio. If you have any questions about using Axis360 please Ask Us…and happy reading!

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