Book It is new and improved

“I need a good book,” is a common refrain we hear as librarians. It’s also one of our favorite questions. While we love to suggest books in person, did you know you can also ask for suggestions from the comfort of your home?  Try Book It, our online personalized book recommendation service. We’ve recently updated it to make it easier than ever. Just answer a few questions and one of our book loving staff members will email you a customized list of items from our collection. It’s like having a librarian at your fingertips.

Bookmark the Books and Reading page to find the form quickly and easily. All we require to select some books you might be interested in is to know whether you’d prefer fiction or non-fiction; the format (print, ebook, etc.); the name(s) of books you’ve loved or loathed; and the titles of some films, television shows or podcasts you enjoy. The lists are private and created in our catalog. Click on the titles and push a button to place an item on hold. We’ll let you know when the items are ready to be picked up. Try it and let us know what you think. Shopping for free has never been so much fun.

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