In Between Doodles

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In Between Doodles


January 2 until March 25, 2023


Technology Center and 2nd floor


This exhibit, featuring individual pieces as well as an installation taped directly onto our walls by local tape artist Katelyn Liepins, is an exploration of lines. Liepins has been working with lines and how they can exist beyond the traditional drawing form for the past few years. She is constantly challenging what is a drawing and how can it exist in multiple mediums, her favorite being tape. Coming from a family of architects, she is attracted to the sharp crisp lines within a space and uses them consistently within her art. By using line, she likes to draw the viewer’s focus to a particular area of the space or to point out architectural elements that are typically overlooked. For example, the way the wall meets the floor, or how the corners of a room interact with one another. Katelyn creates large-scale installations as well as smaller representations of these demarcations.

Katelyn Liepins is a practicing professional artist and art educator. She received her degree in Art Education from The College of New Jersey. Outside of teaching she also exhibits her artwork locally and nationwide. Katelyn has over 6 years of teaching experience in various settings such as public schools, private schools, museums, and one on one private classes.

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