Our Inner Ocean

A cropped image of the artist's work, showing a jellyfish in motion.

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This Exhibition Is No Longer Showing


Our Inner Ocean Paintings by Minako Ota


June 23 – September 15, 2022


Technology Center

Artist Bio

Born in Osaka, Japan, Minako studied traditional Japanese painting at Tama Art University in Tokyo. Upon graduation, she attended Cambridge University in England where she focused on western painting conservation.

Since she left her native country some 30 years ago, she has submerged herself in western cultures in the US and Europe. Her artwork is a cultural hybrid between Japan and the West, as she combines western painting techniques that she learned through her 20+ years as a professional painting conservator and traditional Japanese aesthetics that she grew up with.

Artist Statement

This exhibit encapsulates the fact that life began in the oceans. We are all still a part of this amazing living ecosystem and connected by this vast body of water. I began painting marine creatures in spring 2020, when COVID-19 became a serious threat in the US. People were being challenged not only in health and economic aspects, but so many others as well such as social, political, racial, and spiritual. This series is created with the hope to inspire people to live more fully and joyously, no matter their circumstances.

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Connect on Instagram: @ota.minako

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