Finding your perfect match

Whether the search is for the perfect job, home, car, or partner, the journey to find it will ultimately be lined with landmines because finding the perfect match is an impossible task. What is possible, though, is finding something that is just right for you. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and regardless of your relationship status, we are here to offer you a book that you might just think is a suitable match. Okbookit is our spin on popular dating apps, running through Feb. 15, and open to adults, 18+. Complete your online profile here and we will use the information you provide to select a book for you to check out. It will be gift-wrapped and waiting for you to pick up.

If you’d rather have more than just one book suggestion, give our original service, Book It, a try. Complete the online form and our readers’ advisors will create a personalized book list, featuring ten book titles with reasons for each book’s inclusion. Trying to find a book to give to someone as a gift? Let us help you with Book It for Gifting. Answer a few questions that give us some idea of the recipient’s likes and dislikes, and we will suggest five titles that are tailored to that person. 

While these services cater to adults, we aim to offer solutions for all ages. Our youth services team provides several similar services, including  Personalized Picks for Kids & Teens,  for which patrons have the option of receiving a list or having curated items placed on hold to pick up. Additionally, they also offer resources for classroom and homeschooling curriculum support

We know that the road to finding what suits you is circuitous at best. Take advantage of us. We’re here to help.

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