I spy…

with my little eye. Everyone loves a scavenger hunt. Birthday parties for young and old, club and organization get togethers, day campers on an outing, orientations for students, newcomers learning their way around town, team building exercises from area businesses, anybody and everybody at some point in time has participated in one.  It’s easy to spot a group on the hunt, list in hand, zooming around town, looking to check off an item on their list.

Oftentimes, the lists are quite simple, filled with plain, ordinary, everyday clues such as find a stop sign or find a picture of a bird in a book.  Or they can be trickier and Princeton specific as in locate the statue of John Witherspoon or find the grave of Aaron Burr. Since we are such a recognizable building in the heart of town, eventually many of these folks find their way to us, either because the clue can be found inside the library or they need directions or ideas for where to search next.

So it’s no wonder that when a group of us here at the library met to figure out an effective way to encourage our fellow staff members to explore the nooks and crannies in the new spaces created by the 2Reimagine project, we decided that a scavenger hunt was the best way to go. 

Once a year,  the library closes for a day of team building and staff development. With most of the staff attending, it is a day filled with laughter, food, camaraderie, games, and a sharing of ideas so that we can better serve you, our customers.

This year’s event was timed to coincide with the completion of the 2Reimagine project and the re-opening of the 2nd floor. Most of us had had no access to the space during the closure and with the opening date a couple of weeks away,  we needed to get everyone acquainted with what was where very quickly. And we wanted something more fun than taking a tour!

Hence the scavenger hunt.

The creative force behind our visual list was Sonja, Head of Lending Services, who has quite an eye for photographing mundane objects in an intriguing way, so much so that it was quite challenging to figure out just what we were looking at or for.

Now you have an opportunity to participate too.  All of the objects pictured below are found on the second floor, mostly in plain sight.  Come pay us a visit and see how well you do on the scavenger hunt.  As always, if you have questions, stop by the Information Desk.  We are here to help.

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