It’s all about Roary

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Roary the lion and I am the most sought out member of the Youth Services department. Why am I so popular? Well, that’s an easy answer. I am cute, cuddly and furry and I love a good adventure. Speaking of adventures, I have had quite a few since I came to the library earlier this year. Did you know that I can visit your house too and have adventures with you?

I love visiting with children in their homes. We always manage to have so much fun no matter what we’re doing. I have been taken to pre-schools, and kindergartens and I have even been to high school with my friends. Kids must go to the dentist very often here in Princeton; I have made several trips with kids and everyone was so brave. I don’t know that I would be that way!

One thing I discovered is that I just love music. I have been very fortunate to have been taken to several different concerts and I think jazz just might be my favorite. Museums are also lots of fun and I had a great time when I went to the Grounds for Sculpture in a place called Hamilton, NJ. I have never seen so many strange shapes. I was told that they were pieces of art called sculpture. I have decided I really like art too!

I am so happy that kids in Princeton like to read because I love being read to. I have heard many different stories but my favorite so far is Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen.  I know I want to be just like that lion when I grow up. He’s a lucky lion too since we both get to live in a library.

Another thing I get to enjoy when I am off visiting is lots of different foods. Every house I go to serves me something different then the last. It’s very yummy, but  I need to be careful or I will turn into one fat lion. I have discovered I really like peas and broccoli; who knew lions like veggies?

If you would like me to come visit your house please stop by the Youth Services department. That’s on the third floor. The librarians arrange my very busy schedule. They will get you signed up to bring me home to your house and we can have some adventures together!

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