It’s easy to connect at the library

Those of you who were in the library last year in the days following Superstorm Sandy will most likely remember that the library’s wireless network was often at capacity and unable to accommodate everyone who needed access. We invite you to try our new and improved wireless network.

Recent upgrades to our Wi-Fi will ensure a faster, more reliable and secure network connection for our customers. Newly installed wireless access points in the library let you to browse the Internet at speeds 20 times faster than before. We’ve expanded wi-fi coverage both in the building and out on Hinds Plaza. The new access points allow all devices to connect easily to our network. That’s right, if you were previously unable to connect your Kindle, Nook, or MacBook with our old network come back and try out our new Wi-Fi soon. It’s easy to connect.

Sophisticated reporting for the Wi-Fi access points provides our staff with improved information about peak times of usage, the top applications by usage, the top operating systems and the top device manufacturers. In case you are wondering, Apple tops all three lists. This information will help us assess what devices are most often used at the library so we can target our training classes to best meet customer needs.

Here’s a snapshot of Wi-Fi usage during a recent week at the library.

And no worries, your privacy is protected at all times while you are in the library. Personal data can’t be tracked to see what specific websites you may be visiting. 

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