Midlife media crisis

You’ve heard it before. A major monthly increase in the cable/Internet/phone bundle can contribute to serious contemplation over “just how much do I really need television?” The answer’s simple. Of course, no one needs television. I grew up in the seventies, lying on the couch watching entirely too much television. Everyone around me did, too. But, the hyper-technological environment of how we live today is an entirely new realm. iPads, iPhones, tablets, and more are everywhere. How can you live in the moment when the moment is a blur

Time to take a stand, or at the very least, a bike ride
Being a parent, the single most important part of my daily life is the relationship I have with my child. It’s increasingly difficult to tune out external elements, which is why I’m choosing to physically remove one of those forces, the television. Join me; or, if you have already made the purge, how has your life changed? Have you taken more trips to the library? Do you have time to make things? Do you read more? Are you more present and engaged for the people who are important in your life? If you’ve been thinking about letting it go, why not start now?

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