Navigating your year of reading

When planning library programs or book lists throughout the year, our staff takes into consideration heritage months, or other national or state recognitions. For example, celebrating Women’s History Month is a wonderful way to help highlight the rich tapestry of experiences and histories that form the American consciousness. However, it’s also important to consider these heritage months as a reminder to stay engaged all year, rather than as a designated time of focus to be checked off and forgotten once the month ends.

As you become aware of these commemorations, we encourage you to pick up a book, watch a documentary, or find another way to engage in the moment, but we also hope you’ll take that awareness into the future. Take a look at your own bookshelves or your reading lists. Whose stories are you focusing on? What experiences are you missing? Whose voices haven’t you heard?

May recognizes Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage MonthJewish American Heritage Month, and Mental Health Awareness Month, and we encourage you to check out our book lists, programs, and displays that highlight these commemorations. Then, check them out again throughout the summer, and revisit them in the winter. Don’t wait until September 15th, the start of Hispanic Heritage Month, to find your next great read from one of our book lists; and don’t wait until February to explore Black history in America

If you need a place to start, browse our curated lists, fill out a Book It request, or ask us for readalikes for some of your favorites. Don’t forget to pass on your own recommendations by leaving reviews in our catalog or by creating your own lists to share.

Photo by Laura Kapfer on Unsplash

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