Play it: a New Year’s Eve playlist

​Christmas is over and the carols have (finally) stopped playing on the radio and at the shopping centers and malls. As New Year’s Eve is upon us, I find myself wondering why Christmas gets so many songs and all the other holidays have few or none devoted to them. For example, where are all the Thanksgiving songs or Easter carols?

I did a little research (I am a librarian, after all) and found that New Year’s has a few more songs than just “Auld Lang Syne.” After finding a few I really liked, I decided they were worthy of a playlist for 2017. However, the list was far too brief so I added songs that either concerned time (or at least had “time” in the title), featured the sound of clocks or bells, looked backed wistfully at time passed, or with trepidation towards the future, or with hope. Oh, and the playlist needed at least one party song. There was just one other requirement: I had to like all of the songs a lot.

Whether you’re on the road, returning from holidays afar, staying in, or hosting or attending a party, take this playlist for a spin. See you next year, in the library!

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