Princeton’s favorite films

Recently we changed our DVD lending policy to allow all but the newest feature films to go out for one week for $1. In addition, you can now place holds and renew any of our one-week DVDs. More information on our new policy can be found here.

All of the talk about changing our policies got me thinking about our DVD collection and, since my mind tends to list-making, I wanted to know the most popular titles at the library. I looked at the total number of checkouts and the following are the Top Ten DVDs for adults for all time at the Princeton Public Library. They are sorted from least to most popular. Science fiction, suspense, fantasy, comedy…there’s something for everyone.

10. The Closet (Le Placard)

9. The Princess Diaries 2

8. Star Wars Trilogy: Return of the Jedi

7. The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

6. Casino Royale (the 2006 Bond film with Daniel Craig…not the Bond parody from 1967)

5. Mean Girls

4. Rear Window

3. Star Wars Trilogy: The Empire Strikes Back

2. When Harry Met Sally

1. Memento

I also looked into the Top 10 DVDs for children for all time at the library. Note that you can also reserve any of these DVDs and they also go out for one week.

10. Holes

9. Happy Feet

8. Swiss Family Robinson

7. Piglet’s Big Movie

6, Charlotte’s Web

5. Mulan

4. Spirit

3. Over the Hedge

2. Cinderella II: Dreams Come True

1. Babe

Feel free to reserve any (or all) of these movies and happy viewing!

(Image from Flickr user Simon Q with full Creative Commons license)

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