Resolving to do the thing

For me, December is filled with both nostalgia and a strange mixture of hope and trepidation. Holiday and year-end traditions connect me to earlier times in my life, but the upcoming change of year means I’m also looking ahead. Inevitably, many of us find ourselves evaluating the past year, promising ourselves to do better, more, less, or just do things differently next year. We are left wondering whether or not we can manage it. The best resolutions aren’t things we can achieve instantly; they’ll demand ongoing effort. They usually involve incremental changes, and sometimes we will fail to move forward at all. Still, we have made a resolution. We think the work is worth it, and we have resolved to see it through. That’s where the hope comes in.

My resolution for 2024 focuses on being more proactive than reactive. I have some ideas about the specifics, but I know that it will take time and persistence on my part, and that’s honestly a little daunting in a few of the areas I want to work on. Success will require assistance and support. Perhaps we can offer that to you, too. As you consider your approach to the new year, here are some suggestions for how the library can be a partner on your journey.

  • As Tiffany discussed last week, maybe this is your time to work on learning a new language or improving in one you already know. You’ll find resources in both our physical or digital collections to help you at different levels of your journey.
  • If organization is on your list, join us on January 17 for a virtual workshop, How Do I Organize My ___?, and set yourself up for success, whether you need help tidying your home, workspace, or car. 
  • This could be your year to keep on top of current events and get more civically active in your community. Start with our news resources, which include both U.S. and international publications, and keep an eye out for our resource guide on voting in 2024.
  • If your family wants to develop healthier habits in the new year, check out Hiveclass, which includes instructional videos for a range of sports as well as guidance for fitness, strength training, and self-defense.
  • There’s nothing like building skills, and we have more than a few options for you, including our Tech Classes that are offered throughout the year. For additional learning opportunities available at any time that works for you, sign in to LinkedIn Learning for courses on everything from coding and design to film and marketing. You can also explore Creativebug to find art and craft instructions as well as daily practice routines.
  • If you have books on the brain as we do and want to expand your reading horizons, visit our guide to the NoveList 2024 Reading Challenge and push yourself to read widely throughout the year. You can also check out our book groups if you want to make reading a more communal experience.

If none of these quite fit your journey, never fear! We have more resources and books to suggest, so let us know if we can help. We hope you will.

Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash

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