Who can rent meeting space at the library?
Library meeting space may be rented by groups or individuals that conform to and abide by the library’s Meeting Room Rental Terms & Conditions. Use of meeting room space is for the internal purpose(s) of an individual, group, business or organization.

Meeting rooms may not be used for:

– public events, and groups may not offer or publicize their meeting to the general public.
– business solicitations, fundraising, political campaigning, parties, receptions, or memorial services.
– events where admission is charged or participants pay to attend (i.e., classes, seminars, workshops).
– recruitment of or marketing to prospective clients.
– advertising or selling products or services.

When are meeting rooms available and are there time limits?
Meeting rooms are available for rent during the library’s normal operating hours and have a one-hour minimum requirement.
How far in advance can I reserve a meeting room?
Meeting rooms may be requested up to 60 days in advance.
Can I access my meeting room before the start time?
You will be allowed access to your meeting room 15 minutes before the approved start time and for 15 minutes after the approved end time, if the library is open at those times. If you require access to your meeting room for more than 15 minutes before or after your meeting and the library is open at that time, please include the additional time to your booking request.
Are food and drink allowed in the meeting rooms?
Yes. If you are interested in refreshments for your meeting, the library has partnered with Jammin’ Crepes to provide preferred catering for library meetings and conferences. Arrangements must be made directly through Jammin’ Crepes. If refreshments are brought in from other than the preferred caterer, you are responsible for prompt cleanup and for leaving the room in the same condition as originally found.
Is my group considered a nonprofit/not-for-profit or for profit?
Nonprofit/not-for profit are groups or organizations with proof of incorporation as a nonprofit or charitable entity, any organization recognized as a service organization, or any group meeting for a specific not-for-profit purpose.

For profit groups or organizations whose purpose is to conduct operations to realize a financial profit.

Once I submit a request for a meeting room, when will I know if my reservation is confirmed?
Requests will be reviewed on the next standard business day (Mon. – Fri., 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.). If your meeting date is less than two standard business days from the date you submit your request, please contact the Facilities Rental Coordinator at space@princetonlibrary.org or 609-924-9529, ext. 1250. All requests are considered “Pending” until you receive a confirmation email or an email denying your request.
How do I pay for a meeting room?
When requesting meeting space via the online reservation system, you have the option to pay by credit card (charged once your request is approved) or pay offline (payment made in person via cash, check or credit card or via credit card over the phone. Use the basket feature to group multiple requests as one payment.
Does the library offer parking?
See Parking.
While in the library, can I request a meeting room?
Walk-in reservations will be accommodated based upon availability of space; however, use and setup of audiovisual equipment cannot be guaranteed.
Can I have meeting materials and/or equipment sent to and/or stored at the library?
Materials for your meeting may not be sent to or stored at the library. The library is not able to provide storage space for materials or equipment between meetings.
How do I cancel my meeting room reservation?
Meeting room reservations may be canceled via the instructions found in your confirmation email or by contacting library staff. Notice of cancellation must be received at least three business days prior to the date of the reservation to receive a refund.
Whom do I call if I need help with my meeting room request/reservation?
Contact the Facilities Rental Coordinator at space@princetonlibrary.org or 609-924-9529, ext. 1250.



Room Fees (per hour)

  • Community Room: $50 nonprofit, $125 for profit
  • All Other Rooms (Conference Room, Quiet Room, Tower Room): $20 nonprofit, $50 for profit

Equipment Fee

  • $35 flat-rate fee per reservation for use of any audiovisual equipment: projectors, microphones, cameras or laptops. Audiovisual equipment, requested more than 24 hours in advance of the approved meeting, will be setup prior to the meeting by library staff. At the start of meetings scheduled Sunday-Friday, a library staff member will meet with you to ensure that all equipment is set up and working properly. Arrangements must be made ahead of time for Saturday meetings that require AV use instructions.


Terms and Conditions

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