Spring is here

I don’t care what the “experts” have to say; this last winter certainly felt like the worst one ever here in New Jersey. One positive note of surviving the last five frigid months: spring seems that much more gorgeous. And what better way to enjoy the spectacular weather than at the some of the outdoor spaces at or near the library.

The trees in Albert E. Hinds Plaza (just next to the library) still look a bit bare, but this is the best place in town for getting a bit of sun, people-watching, and enjoying a snack from Terra Libra, the cafe just inside the front doors of the library.

This is the view from Witherspoon Street. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me feel to not see piles of snow in the plaza!

A bird’s eye view of the plaza and a couple of library neighbors.

This may be a little-known fact, but you can also appreciate the sun and warmer temperatures even after you have entered the building. On the third floor next to the staircase is our terrace. It opens up to the sky and we encourage you to bring food from the cafe up here to enjoy. If you hear something that sounds like a relaxing waterfall, that’s just part of our HVAC system on the roof. It’s most likely an unintended, but welcome design feature of the building.

So get out and enjoy the weather everybody! And then, stop by the library. We’ll save you a seat.

(Photo of Witherspoon Street pear trees in bloom by Instagram user Sonjahv)

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