Summer grilling put to the test

Now that the long winter months are finally over, I have been itching to break out the grill and kick off a great summer. I, for one, have never been as successful as I would like with grilling meat and vegetables, so I thought I would turn to Princeton Public Library’s grilling collection for a little guidance and inspiration.

One of the first books I came across was a book called “Simply Grilling” by Jennifer Chandler. The first thing I noticed about this book was that there was a picture for every recipe, which, in my opinion, is a must for any good cookbook. The convenient “Grilling 101” section fills you in on types of grills, grilling methods, marinades, rubs, and much more. There are just over 100 recipes designed for quick and casual grilling, perfect for day-to-day living. I also appreciate that the majority of the recipe ingredients are items I already have in my kitchen, so I have a lot of recipe options without needing to make a trip to the grocery store.  Some of my favorite recipes from this book are the bacon wrapped dates, ginger-soy flank steak, and the grilled zucchini ribbons with fresh mint and pine nuts.

My favorite book in our grilling collection is The Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen Grilling Cookbook” where each recipe is triple-tested to ensure the best possible results. This book also begins with several grilling hints and tips that will aid any grilling experience. With over 225 different recipes you are bound to find a mouthwatering favorite in any of the nine different food categories complete with a dessert section. I am also grateful, not only for the pictures, but for the simplified and clear layout of each recipe. I would suggest the basil-orange chicken, arugula with grilled peppers and onions, and the fire-roasted nectarines with berry salsa.

This is just a small sampling of the many grilling books available in our collection, all of which can be accessed here. If you are short on time, check out our eBook collection where you will find other great titles available for check out. Don’t be afraid to break out the grill and try something new with a little help from the library. You might be surprised at how well your meals turn out.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user woodleywonderworks. 

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