Top 10 music CDs of 2014

The end of the year is fast approaching and the world is awash in “Best of 2014” lists. I’m sure you have seen plenty of lists for best books, music, movies, and TV shows by now. Please indulge me as I present another list for 2014: the most popular CDs of the year at the library. The ranking is based on the total number of circulations (a.k.a. check-outs) for the following titles. It’s interesting to note that CDs remain very popular here despite all the newer ways people listen to music. Please also indulge me some brief editorial comments about the music on this list. Just like almost everyone else I have strong opinions about music. And now for number 10:

10. The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Will the Circle Be Unbroken

A re-issue of a 30 year-old county/rock set cracks the top 10 for popularity in Princeton? I’m already surprised by this list!

9. Arctic Monkeys. AM.

This one is less surprising: a popular band and a well-reviewed album produced by Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age).

8. Daft Punk. Random Access Memories.

This CD was huge when it was released in 2013. If you recall the single “Get Lucky” was arguably the song of that summer. Apparently people wanted to keep getting lucky in 2014.

7. Frozen (soundtrack).

If “Let it Go” immediately started playing in your head you understand why this CD placed so high.

6.OneRepublic. Native.

Another hold-over from 2013, the third release from the pop band continues to fly off our shelves.

5. Pink Floyd. Dark Side of the Moon.

This 41 year-old album is one of the greatest selling records of all time. It continues to be popular with new generations of Pink Floyd fans.

4. Adele. 21.

While waiting for a new CD, fans will keep checking out this immensely popular 3 year-old recording.

3. Queen. Greatest Hits I & II.

Charting high on the list is this two disc set from the arty classic rock band Queen. It leads very strongly with the first track, “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

2. The Rough Guide to Arabic Cafe.

This two disc compilation of Arabic folk and pop songs was checked out for almost all of 2014. This title’s high placing on this list is definitely out of left field.

1. Lorde. Pure Heroine.

Riding on the huge hit, “Royals,” this debut release by Lorde reigns as the most popular CD of the year at the library.

Keep listening and have a happy New Year!

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