Unmute yourself

It’s safe to presume that over the course of the past year, you have found yourself having conversations with others online. And, it’s also a safe bet to say that in almost every one of those meetings, someone has begun to speak and the others could not hear them because their microphone was muted. According to an article in The New York Times, “You’re on mute” was uttered on 1,000 percent more calls between executives and investors in 2020 compared with 2019. No matter how many virtual meetings you’ve attended, it’s bound to happen to even the most experienced Zoomer.

For the entire course of this pandemic, it’s as if we have been asked to mute ourselves. If not asked, it has become a matter of reflex, to preserve our psyches, that we have intentionally muted our thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations, and placed many of the pieces (and people) of our lives on hold. It has been for self-preservation, for the individual, and, let’s face it, our health as a species. With the breakthrough of a vaccine, this new year brings with it the optimism of possibility, hope, and growth.

As you begin to contemplate all that has been intentionally muted, it’s a fine time to consider what can be regained. This year requires resolve to move forward with the faith that healthier and brighter days are within our grasp. We ask you to keep the library in mind, whether you are in need of academic or job assistance; you are looking for social support services; or you are seeking entertainment, books or community. Know that we are here for you when you are ready to unmute.

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