What the heck is that?

Why do we create? What compels us to make things (art, music, crafts) when there is often no material gain or credit in it for us?

There’s a whole branch of philosophy devoted to aesthetics. I took a bit of philosophy in college but I am at a loss to explain the object pictured above.

It was created by a library employee. He was one of the people assigned the rather mundane task of taking older books out of the “New” books and moving them to the “regular” (or not-so-new) collections. The last step in the process is peeling off the New sticker from each book.

I usually just clump the stickers together and throw them out. However, he stuck one on top of another on top of another until…this was formed. I asked him what it was and even he didn’t know.  He didn’t make it to show to anyone…it just sort of happened. I suppose one could argue that this is the purest form of art: creating for the sake of creating.

However, I won’t go that far. I just want your theories on what the heck this thing is! Please comment below. Of course, there are no wrong answers.

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