A Library Story: Shalu Naso

A Library Story

“In addition to offering numerous books and media, the library serves as a welcoming space for all those looking for a quiet corner, bite to eat, meeting area, place to learn a new skill, view art and so much more. It’s a place where everyone can belong.”

Photo credit: Catherine “Cie” Stroud

As a resident for four years, Shalu Naso is a relative newcomer to Princeton, but the connection she feels to the library is as strong as if she had been here all her life.

“The library holds a special place in the hearts of our family as it served as our home base for many months upon our arrival to Princeton from Singapore — well before we had a home or friend in town,” she said. “We spent many of those early days on the Third Floor — doing homework, exploring the stacks and checking out more books than we could carry.”

As her family became settled in Princeton, their ties to the library continued to grow and Shalu began to volunteer.  “Our relationship with the library evolved,” she said, “and it continues to serve a central role in our lives. Now, I serve on the Friends and Foundation Board in the hopes of making an impactful contribution to my community while also participating in the variety of events the library hosts,” she said.

Shalu’s children continue to be regular library visitors also and “can often be found using the space to gather with their friends to work on a project or play video games; sometimes they even check out a book or grab the day’s crossword. The library, and its central location in town, serve as a physical and symbolical embodiment of community.”

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